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Ortofon DJ äänirasiat

Ortofon DJ äänirasiat


In the mid-1980s, the original Concorde cartridges changed the landscape of vinyl DJing, and throughout the years Ortofon has continuously refined the Concorde brand by offering more than a dozen different models to the DJ market. During the past few years, Ortofon embarked on a mission to take the Concorde design back to ground zero, collaborating with some of the world’s top vinyl DJs to create a new series which would fulfill the needs of the modern DJ professional.


There are 5 cartridges in the series: MIX, DJ, CLUB, SCRATCH and DIGITAL - a clear product range for five applications and technological improvements for better performance.

  • All models benefit from a replaceable reinforced finger lift, which is easily replaced if broken.

  • The cartridge bodies have been broadened, to offer greater stability during performances.

  • Replacement styli offer a tactile feedback when seating, indicating a snug and secure fit, while a cut-out area in the front allows for far more accurate needle drops.

  • The Concorde MkII’s unique 2-seqment body design creates a fresh and attractive aesthetic.

The Concorde MIX offers a budget-friendly, yet high quality option capable of good all-round performance, while the Concorde DJ is considered the jack-of-all-trades, boasting accurate sound reproduction and excellent groove handling. The Concorde CLUB features a special Elliptical diamond and offers the best sound quality achievable for traditional vinyl playback and offers an outstanding platform for archival and sampling. The Concorde SCRATCH allows turntablist and scratching DJs to achieve new levels of performance with an unprecedented tracking ability and extra high output, and the specially-optimized Concorde DIGITAL offers both of these features with a technology designed to extend the life of timecode vinyl and minimize errors in decoding.


The new generation of Concorde tailored uniquely to the demands of modern turntable DJs.


5 tuotetta

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  • 89,00 €

    Ortofon Concorde MkII MIX DJ äänirasia

    The MIX is a general-purpose model for scratch and back-cueing.
  • 109,00 €

    Ortofon Concorde MkII DJ äänirasia

  • 119,00 €

    Ortofon Concorde MkII SCRATCH DJ-äänirasia

    For maximum scratch performance
  • 129,00 €

    Ortofon Concorde MkII DIGITAL DJ-äänirasia

    Optimized for Time Coded Vinyl application
  • 149,00 €

    Ortofon Concorde MkII CLUB DJ -äänirasia

    Ensures the best possible sound quality

5 tuotetta

Taulukkona  Listana 


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