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final Heaven VIII In-Ear -kuulokkeet

699,00 €
EAN: 4562362025771
Tuotekoodi: HeavenVIII


In-Ear kuuloke, joka on kuin koru, Metal Injection Molding, kiilloitettua ruostamatonta terästä joka on 24 k kultapinnoitettu.


Luonnollinen ääni joka todella yllättää.




Balanced Armature Driver / Canal Tyoe


With MIM, a powder metallurgy manufacturing method, natural sound bursting with realism that you could listen to forever is achieved.



Along with the special attribute of final audio design products – a vast sound stage – Heaven VIII has succeeded in the reproduction of the vivid yet lyrical bass tones radiating from musical instruments. Usually, increasing the range of bass tones results in a dull resonance across the full sound range. Here, owing to the employment of MIM (Metal Injection Molding), a special metal working process, a housing that optimizes acoustics not possible through regular machining is achieved; coupled with a newly specified single driver unit, it has been possible to heighten bass reproduction while preserving clarity. With a never before experienced volume of sounds and sense of depth, you can experience an overwhelming sense of realism. The back design is not merely for decoration either. Resonance dispersion has been factored into the design, making for a high-level balance between beauty and function.

※ MIM (Metal Injection Molding)
Fine metal powder is mixed with a binder, and after molding this with a die as is done with resin, the form is sintered in a furnace at an exceedingly high temperature. Freedom of form and precision are high with this method, but it is difficult to finish the surface, and hence the process is not often used for parts whose external appearance is displayed.












Valmistaja Final, Japani
Takuuaika kk 24
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