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Pro-Ject Hear It 2 kuulokkeet

Special Price 29,90 €

Regular Price: 59,00 €


Kevyet trendikuulokkeet kolmella eri värivaihtoehdolla.

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Special Price 29,90 €

Regular Price: 59,00 €



Hear it Two: super loud, super lightweight & super cool  

A cool headphone for the best possible sound reproduction of portable players, like iPod & Co. Hear it Two offers far better audio quality with higher sound pressure levels and superior looks, than many others. Soft and comfortable ear-cushions are swivel mountedmaking it easy to transport Hear it Two in a flat carry case. A high-quality signal-cable made from oxygen-free copper (HP-OFC) withbending protection and gold-plated jack-plug guarantees trouble free performance.  


Hear it headphones prove again, that outstanding quality needs not be expensive. 


• super loud – super light – super cool  

• more SPL with iPod & Co (107dB)  

• Lightweight design (77 g)  

• adjustable ear-cushion position  

• flat transport possible  

• high wear comfort  

• 3,5mm jack plug  

• 3 colour options: red, white, black  


Technical data


Transducer 30mm Neodymium driver (dynamic)
Head-band adjustable
Frequency response 18-22.000 Hz
Cable material HPOFC
Cable length 1,2 m
Sensitivity 107 dB @ 1mW
Max. sound pressure level 130dB
Impedance 32 ohms
Maximum input power 50 mW
Connector 3,5 mm jack plug
Weight (without cable) 77 g
Valmistaja Pro-Ject Audio Systems, Itävalta
Takuuaika kk 24
Nettopaino 0.077 ilman kaapelia

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