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Scansonic MB-1

Special Price 1 290,00 €

Regular Price: 1 900,00 €


HD -sarjan 2- tie kirjahyllykaiutin nauhadiskantilla.

Kuvassa näkyvät jalustat ovat suositeltava lisävaruste.

Musta demopari nyt sopivasti.

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Special Price 1 290,00 €

Regular Price: 1 900,00 €

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View FileScansonic HD yleisesite 2016    Size: (1.62 MB)



The MB-1 is a stand-mount, two-way mini monitor. 

Our main goal was to create a small speaker that does what it does really well. The reflex port is placed in the front, and it uses special inlays that reduce noise to an extremely low level. While the speaker is small and stylish, the music performance is lively bright and bold, with a bass performance that defies its compact size.


The speaker is front-ported to allow for placement near the rear wall.


The MB-series features the same good solid, two-way binding post. The feet are machined from aircraft quality aluminum and can be adjusted to level the speaker. For added rigidness, we have added a carbon sheet to the top panel; this, paired with extensive internal bracing, makes the cabinet inert and silent.

For the MB-1 we have a dedicated stand, with MB-series matching aluminum adjustable feet. 
The MB-1 also fits the X-1 stand.

Technical information

  • Size: (WxHxD) 178 x 312 x 286 mm
  • Weight: 6,1 kg pcs
  • Freq. response: 50 Hz - 40 kHz
  • Impedance: > 6 ohm
  • Crossover: 3.5 kHz 2. order acoustic slope
  • Enclosure: Curved, heavily braced, ventilated box design with front loaded port
  • Drive units: 1 sealed ribbon tweeter with kapton/aluminum sandwich membrane!
  • 1 carbon coned 4,5” bass/mid driver with overhung magnet system
  • Finish: Black-silk or White-silk
  • Amplification: We recommend high quality amplifiers >50W


Valmistaja Scansonic, Tanska
Takuuaika kk 24
Nettopaino 12.0

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