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Scansonic MB-2.5

Special Price 1 990,00 €

Regular Price: 2 960,00 €


Tyylikäs HD -sarjan 2.5 -tie lattiakaiutin nauhadiskantilla.

Valkoinen demopari nyt kesäale hintaan.

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Special Price 1 990,00 €

Regular Price: 2 960,00 €

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The MB-2.5 is a slim floorstander with two 4.5” carbon-coned drivers and a sealed ribbon tweeter. 


The MB-2.5is a 2.5-way speaker with the second woofer assisting in the power demanding bass region.


The 2.5’s cabinet is heavy, braced and curved, with carbon reinforcements.


The speaker is crossed over at 3.5 kHz, and the second woofer assists up to 200 Hz.


MB25 Product center 


The MB 2.5 has a solid foundation in the Nordic design tradition.

It is simple, sleek, elegant and visually square when seen directly from the front, and curved and organic when seen from an angle.
The rounded edges of the cabinet reduces diffraction and minimizes the sonic imprint on the frequency response.

It does not matter if your home is modern or classic, the timeless design of the MB-2.5 will fit in any home.


Technical information

  • Size: (WxHxD) 178 x 998 x 286 mm
  • Weight: 15,6 kg pcs
  • Freq. response: 40 Hz - 40 kHz
  • Impedance: > 4 ohm
  • Crossover: 3.5 kHz 2. order acoustic slope 250 Hz 1.order slope
  • Enclosure: Curved, heavily braced, ventilated box design with front loaded port and adjustable aluminum feet
  • Drive units: 1 sealed ribbon tweeter with kapton/aluminum sandwich membrane
  • 2 carbon coned 4,5” bass/mid driver with overhung magnet system!
  • Finish: Black-silk or White-silk
  • Amplification: We recommend high quality amplifiers >50W


Valmistaja Scansonic, Tanska
Takuuaika kk 24
Nettopaino 31.6

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