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System Audio SA SubElektro 200

1 029,00 €
EAN: 5704234000076
Tuotekoodi: SE200W


Laadukas valkoinen subwoofer Tanskasta. 380 W päätevahvistin & 10" subwoofer elementti.

Tuote on väliaikaisesti maasta loppu, tulossa n. 22.03.2020




Laadukas valkoinen subwoofer Tanskasta. 380 W päätevahvistin & 10" subwoofer elementti.


380 Watts at your disposal …


Despite its diminutive size, the SubElectro is a powerful active subwoofer with unique capacity for matching a room’s acoustics.


You will never run dry for power with an SA SubElectro. Instead you’ll experience a powerful and potent reproduction of deep bass. The round plate under the cabinet isn’t just an elegant design element. The plate can turn, changing the subwoofer from a bass reflex into a sealed chamber. This simple, yet unique concept lets you adjust the SubElectro to suit rooms with difficult acoustics.

The SubElectro 200 are remarkably versatile, and are specially designed to reproduce low frequencies. This makes them ideal for home cinemas where they add energy and drama to your viewing experience. What is really unusual is that they can also be used in a music sound system where they add a deeper and more precise bass than ordinary loudspeakers – even those that are really big.


Technical information


Power and grace

Everyone knows the problems of rumbling bass from active subwoofers. The sound becomes distorted making it difficult to distinguish individual sounds. The important elements in the sound disappear and the different instruments all sound the same. Thanks to its speed and precision, that’s definitely not the case with the SA SubElectro series.

The built-in amplifier features a massive power supply, enabling it to deliver really huge effects. The woofer’s magnet is at least twice as big as those used in ordinary active subwoofers. The cabinet is made from 25 mm finished MDF to ensure optimal stability. The front and the bottom of the cabinet are also reinforced in thickness (35 and 50mm respectively). This combination of great stability, massive amplifier effect and great control over the bass loudspeakers membrane movement produces an unbelievable energy and precision that is easy to integrate into the sound from your other loudspeakers.


Technical description


Built-in high quality class D amplifier

Unique capacity to accommodate individual room acoustics

Variable sub frequencies from 40-160 Hz

Input: line in (mono or stereo) or high input direct from loudspeaker output on your amplifier

Volume control for adjusting sound level

On/off function that automatically turns on and off

Output: line out (mono or stereo)

Power connection: 230 or 115 Volt

Phase: 0 or –180 grader


Enamal paint (high gloss black and white satin)

Valmistaja System Audio, Tanska
Takuuaika kk 24
Väri Valkoinen silkki
Nettopaino 20

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