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van den Hul AES-EBU XLR 110 Ohm Professional

150,00 €


AES-EBU 110 Ohmin signaalikaapeli XLR -liittimin kriittisille audiofiileille.

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150,00 €





The AES-EBU committee has set the characteristic impedance for professional balanced digital signal transmission at 110 Ohm.

World-wide this typical value is accepted as the standard impedance for professional balanced digital audio transfer.

To meet this requirement, already since 1990 our company has been designing high quality balanced 110 Ohm interface cables.

The ultimate result is our AES-EBU 110 Ohm Professional cable which provides a superior digital signal transmission quality.


The major design criteria with this cable have been:

  • To provide a stable and precise 110 Ohm transmission line impedance.
  • To provide a very high frequency bandwidth as well as minimal signal attenuation.
  • To provide a very high shielding factor against interference due to external electromagnetic fields.
  • The prevention of material deterioration brought about by external factors, like polluted air or mechanical causes.



  • The AES-EBU 110 Ohm Professional’s internal balanced construction contains two solid core centre conductors each consisting of a 0.75 mm solid core lead, made of high purity dense silver coated high purity matched crystal Oxygen Free Copper (OFC). 
  • Each lead exhibits a resistance of 4.0 Ohm/100 meter. 
  • The capacitance between both leads is very low: 47 pF/m. 
  • The two centre conductors’ respective red and transparent insulation is made of dense polyethylene, which together with their dense silver coating provides extra protection against external mechanical and corrosive aging factors.

To provide a stable and precise 110 Ohm transmission line impedance, the centre conductors’ combined dense 

polyethylene insulation and mild 60 mm lay maintains a solid balanced line geometry. In addition, specially treated

fibres are used as internal fillers. These act to further stabilise the geometry and furthermore render the cable

insensitive to humidity penetration and any resulting impedance deviations or transmission losses.

 Note:  To maintain a constant 110 Ohm impedance and avoid signal reflections, the advised minimum value 
of bending radius for the AES-EBU 110 Ohm Professional is 8.0 cm. By maintaining a close tolerance 110 Ohm
impedance, the AES-EBU 110 Ohm Professional keeps interface induced jitter to a minimum.
Sonically this results into a much cleaner reproduced analog signal in direct comparison to other
AES-EBU standardised products in the same transmission link.

Supporting accurate data transmission and low-jitter clock recovery, the AES-EBU 110 Ohm Professional

furthermore features a very high frequency bandwidth. As an example: The -3 dB bandwidth of a 10 m. run well exceeds 300 MHz.

The AES-EBU 110 Ohm Professional’s cable screen consists of four layers: 

  • an aluminum tape beneath a braid of 120 high grade OFC wires with a dense pure silver coating, 
  • this beneath another aluminum tape and a Linear Structured Carbon ® (LSC) saturated outer layer. 
  • The resistance of the combined screens is 0.81 Ohm/100 meter.
This quadruple shielding provides supreme immunity against radio frequency and other electromagnetic
interference, allowing trouble-free use of large lengths. Multiple lengths can be run in parallel without risk
of mutual interference, even with other cabling (e.g. in cable conduits).

The AES-EBU 110 Ohm Professional’s 8.0 mm. external diameter dark red outer jacket is made of our PVC
and Halogen Free HULLIFLEX ®; this rugged insulation material combines excellent mechanical robustness
with an optimal protection against chemical (corrosive) attack from the outside world and ensures a very long lifespan.

In addition, the use of gold-plated Neutrik special digital audio XLR connectors contributes to the good quality of this cable.

The AES-EBU 110 Ohm Professional has all the technology on board for exceptional performance without
compromise and is especially suited for digital audio connections over greater distances (e.g. studio wiring).

Providing the cleanest possible signal transport in all AES-EBU digital audio applications, the AES-EBU 110 Ohm
Professional is the ultimate choice for the professional and critical audiophile.
Valmistaja van den Hul, Hollanti
Takuuaika kk 24
Väri Punainen

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